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Pamphlet on Kislovodsk (DOWNLOAD)

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Dear foreign investor,

We appreciate your interest in our resort-town Kislovodsk. Let us assure you that Kislovodsk is an investment-friendly destination, characterized by a number of advantageous preconditions which would ensure safe and successful investments: steady economic growth lasting for decades, secure and well-developed transport and touristic infrastructure systems, relatively high level of social welfare, low level of crime and poverty, as well as responsive local authorities in terms of providing all kinds of assistance for investors.

For your convenience, we have enclosed for you to download two concise pamphlets of the investment projects offered by the municipal authorities to local and foreign investors.

If you have any questions concerning investing options, you can contact the Department of Economics and Investment of the Kislovodsk Town Coucil- +7 (87937) 2-52-20.

Thereby, the Town Council’s authorities guarantee to ensure secure and efficient environment for investors’ projects and to provide all kinds of assistance for all entrepreneurs seeking to invest into the city’s projects.

We look forward to see you in Kislovodsk and hope that we can develop mutually beneficial and fruitful relationship, which eventually, would contribute to fostering inter-regional liaisons of our two countries!

Best regards,
The specialist team of the Department of Economics and Investment of the Kislovodsk Town Coucil.




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